What could be clogging your drain in Las Vegas, Nevada and how to unclog it?

What could be clogging your drain in Las Vegas, Nevada and how to unclog it?

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What could be clogging your drain in Las Vegas, Nevada and how to unclog it?

Everybody would agree that having a clogged drain is no fun. We all have been there, but the good news is that when it happens, knowing a few key things may actually help you to solve the problem on your own, before calling your plumber. Knowing what could be causing your blockage in your drains is the first step. So, let’s explore what could be blocking your drain and what can be done to unblock it.

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Clogged kitchen Drains

Clogged kitchen sink drains are a very common plumbing problem, as are the reasons causing them. Most kitchen drain clogs happen because cooking grease and/or oil are often poured in the kitchen sink, for easy disposal. However, shortcuts like this are never recommended, as they are the main reason for most kitchen drain clogs.

A better way to dispose of kitchen grease and oil is to let them solidify, and then throw them in your garbage. And for those that don’t solidify, you can pour them into a bottle or a container and throw them in this way.

How to Fight Slow Kitchen Drains

A good way to improve the flow of your sink is to run hot water down the drain, for at least a few minutes. Then continue with adding dish detergent or begin enzyme treatment. However, if you drain flow doesn’t improve, you will need to call a professional plumber to remove the drain blockage at once.

Clogged Toilets

Another common plumbing problem are clogged or overflowing toilets. This usually happens when feminine hygiene products, moist wipes, or other foreign particles stick on the drain walls. As a result you could have accumulation of gunk that reduces or completely blocks the water flow. Kids are often guilty of throwing toys and other objects, they are playing with, in the toilet. When this happens, the drain pipe could get completely blocked and sewage water overflow occurs.

How to Fight Clogged Toilets

The best option here is to call a professional plumber, but if you want to give it a try, the plunger is the best way to go. The best preventative for toilet blockages is making sure that only dissolvable paper is thrown down the drain, and no foreign objects are placed in the toilet bowl. In addition, regular cleaning also helps for better water flow, which in turns helps prevent unwanted buildups and blockages.

Clogged Bathroom/Tub Drains

Clogged bathtubs happen almost once every few months. The reason for this is usually buildup of dirt, soap scum and hair. When dirt, soap and hair accumulate, they create a tick substance that accumulates to a point where your water flow is completely reduced.

How to Fight Bathroom/Tub Drains

First and foremost, remove the drain stopper and clean it thoroughly. If you routinely clean your drain stoppers, you will increase the interval between major drain blockages and possibly even avoid them. A good way to prevent this from happening is to use a hair strainer drain cover to collect hair and other particles before they go down the drain.

Although all of the suggested ideas above are good at preventing or clearing drain blockages at home, sometimes, they are not enough. In those cases only the professional assistance of a plumber can help you. In the meantime, it is always good to practice preventative maintenance on your drains on a daily basis.

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