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Las Vegas Trenchless Sewer Repair - Pipe Lining by Drain Bears

Save your yard with trenchless sewer repair! Drain Bears offers no dig trenchless sewer repair in Las Vegas and surrounding areas! Call us today (702) 747-8007 or visit us at Drainbears.com!

Las Vegas & Henderson - Drain & Sewer Tree Roots Removal by the Drain Bears!

(702) 747-8007 Call the Drain Bears today and remove unwanted tree roots from your drain and sewer in Las Vegas, Henderson & Boulder City!

We've invested, and trained our staff, in the latest technology and equipment to ensure tree-roots are effectively and safely removed from your pipes, drains and sewers quickly and conveniently.

Sewer Water Jetting for any clogged pipes Las Vegas 702-747-8007

For an incredibly efficient and cost-effective way to quickly remove blockages from your pipes, drains and sewers in Las Vegas, consider a hydro-jetting service from the drain, sewer and plumbing specialists at Drain Bears. We provide an on-time, helpful and friendly service that has delighted other residents and businesses across Las Vegas and you can read testimonials here and learn about our commitment to your service satisfaction The Drain Bears Service Guarantee.

Does your Las Vegas, Nevada plumbing company provide you with guarantees for completed work? Are guarantees for plumbing work important?

Guarantees on major plumbing work and any other type of work performed to your home is something that everybody should take advantage of, if offered of course. The only problem is however, that not all plumbing contractors offer them!

When buying older homes in Las Vegas: Do you know if your home inspection checks the drain and sewer system and its proper functionality?

Las Vegas is one of the fastest growing cities in the US. One of the many good thing about this is the fact that Las Vegas housing market consist primarily from newer homes. New home is a blessing! All the systems in such a home are new and have a long life in front of them. However, at the same time we still have a lot of areas with older homes in Las Vegas. For these homes a lot of the main plumbing systems are getting old, failing, or showing early signs of approaching failure.

Does your Nevada plumbing company provide you with the Top Notch Customer Service you deserve?

Today, the question of the day is: Will you call again the plumbing company that last serviced your home? Please answer this questions honestly in your mind and if the answer is “Yes” – good for them! But if the answer is “No” – we have a problem!

What is sewer relining? Can your sewer be repaired with relining? Is sewer relining available in Las Vegas, Henderson and Boulder City areas?

First, let’s learn what pipe relining is. Pipe relining is also called by many Cured in Place Pipelining or CIPP for short. This is a method that can in many cases save your broken sewer or drain pipe by replacing it without the expenses for digging your front yard and landscaping it all over again. However, replacing landscaping and the mess outside the house is not the only problem you will be dealing with when replacing major plumbing pipes. It is the time involved as well. Pipe relining can cut the time of the drain repair in half. Pipe relining is indeed a trenchless technology, because almost no digging is involved. And Yes, Trenchless No Dig Pipe relining is available in Las Vegas, Henderson, and Boulder City. In fact the team at Drain Bears is specializing in this type of drain and sewer repair!

What could be clogging your drain in Las Vegas, Nevada and how to unclog it?

Everybody would agree that having a clogged drain is no fun. We all have been there, but the good news is that when it happens, knowing a few key things may actually help you to solve the problem on your own, before calling your plumber. Knowing what could be causing your blockage in your drains is the first step. So, let’s explore what could be blocking your drain and what can be done to unblock it.

What are the various drain cleaning options in Las Vegas?

Having drain problems is never fun. However, drain issues such as clogs, blockages, and stoppages are common, and for some people they are even daily nuisance. The truth is that until the drain clog is not cleaned properly, the drain issue will persist. Moreover, sometimes it is more complicated than just a simple clog problem. Older homes in the Las Vegas valley have daily drain and sewer issues because, their drain system is getting older and not working properly. In this case, the best route is to call a professional drain cleaning plumber and have him assess the issue. Is it just a simple drain clog problem? Or is it a major drain problem, such as old, broken, and/or bended pipe?

What is the difference between Drain Hydro Jetting and Drain Snaking? – Las Vegas & Henderson

The main difference between drain hydro jetting and drain snaking is in the tool that is used by the two methods to clean the sewer line. Nevertheless, both methods provide a type of cleaning for the main drain of the sewer line that is good to be performed on a regular basis. Regular drain cleaning ensures the proper function and unobstructed flow for your sewer line and entire plumbing system.

Drain Cleaning Pros in Las Vegas

If you have a brokenpipe or leakingpipe, don't wait too long! Call the Las Vegas #plumbing team at Drain Bears. We service Las Vegas, Henderson and all surrounding areas.

We can repair or replace your broken leaking pipe in no time!
(702) 747-8007

My Las Vegas Valley water bill is too high! Possible broken pipe leak? Call the Drain Bears!

If you have a water leak under the sink or if you suspect you might have an underground pipe leak due to high water bill, call the LasVegas plumbing specialists at Drain Bears today! (702) 747-8007

We can diagnose and fix any water leak in Las Vegas! Don't wait until the water leak becomes too big, as this creates unnecessary water damage to your property. Find out what is causing your leak today!


Las Vegas Valley Drain Cleaning

If you have a blocked drain or clogged drain in LasVegas, call the Drain Bears plumbing team! (702) 747-8007 We clean drains in the LasVegas area, including Henderson, GreenValley and BoulderCity.

What is the difference between drain cleaning and drain clearing in Henderson county?

Many homeowners in Las Vegas don’t know the difference between Drain Clearing and Drain Cleaning. The truth of the matter is that even though they almost sounds the same, they don’t mean the same thing. Drain Clearing is different from Drain Clearing!

Las Vegas Drain & Sewer Plumbing Specialists

The Drain Bears sewer services include:

Las Vegas, Boulder City, Henderson Sewer & Drain Repair-702-747-8007

For a fast and effective repair or replacement solution to your damaged drains in Las Vegas, speak with Drain Bears about their state of the art trenchless "no dig" repairs and replacements that will not only save you time and money, but will save you having to dig up and replace your home's landscaping, driveway or patio areas just to access your damaged drains.

Las Vegas Pipe Bursting & No Dig Sewer Repair (702) 747-8007

Repair Broken pipe, sewer, or drain in Las Vegas (702) 747-8007

If you've discovered a blockage or leak in your sewer in Las Vegas, then you can rely on the first-class sewer services and solutions provided by the sewer specialists at Drain Bears. We can help with sewer blockages, cracked or misaligned pipes and any sewer issue you may have.

Are constant clogs and blockages in my drain a sign of a bigger problem? - Hederson County

Constant clogs and blockages in any drain can definitely be sign of a bigger problem with your drain or sewer pipes. When you experience drain clog once in a few years, you might consider this to be just build up that has been accumulated on the inside of the pipe. However, if you start experiencing drain clogging every month, this most likely is not related to just a simple build up in the pipes.

Is your Las Vegas drain & sewer cleaning company licensed, bonded, and insured? Does it matter, and how to know for sure?

Let’s tackle this question by first explaining what each one of the words Licensed, Bonded, and Insured mean.

Licensed Drain & Sewer Cleaning Plumber is a plumber who has gone through rigorous on the job training and who, through specific plumbing experience, is allowed to apply for licensing in the state they operate. Usually, after the plumber gains the necessary years of experience and submits the appropriate licensing application, he will be approved to take a licensing exam. Then, if he passes the examination he is awarded the appropriate license. After a license is obtained, it will also need to be maintained by paying the appropriate yearly fees and in some cases taking some additional classes.

Las Vegas, Nevada - What is drain cleaning by hydro jetting, and is it safe for my drain pipes?

When we talk about hydro jetting, we refer to a cleaning process of your drain and sewer lines using very strong pressurized water. The drain cleaning process in this case involves a hose with a special nozzle, which sends a powerful force of highly pressurized water through your drain pipes. In this way the strong force of the water scrubs the walls of your clogged or blocked drain. Moreover, on its way it also removes invasive tree roots and any other drain debris or remains that are left in the pipe line. It is good to note that this water pressurized cleaning technique is applicable to both residential and commercial use.

What is PipePatch and how can it restore damaged drain and sewer pipes? - Las Vegas & Henderson

Pipepatch is a drain and sewer repair process that involves No Digging or excavating. Pipepatch is a leading trenchless technology used for drain and sewer pipe rehabilitation. Pipepatch uses the famous Cure in Place Pipe or CIPP process to create a pipe within a pipe, without the need for digging. This innovative process is proven to successfully restore the performance of a failed drain and sewer system.

What to do if my drain pipe in Henderson county is broken?

This is a good question to ask, but a better one is “What is the best solution if my drain pipe is broken?” Don’t just simply answer it with the obvious! Today we are lucky because there are new technologies that are coming to the market and each one of them is here to make our life easier! Back in the old days and not even so old, broken drain and sewer pipes were fixed by the only excavating yards and digging holes in the ground in order to replace the pipe. Today, we have better options!

What are the first signs of trouble in the drain? - Las Vegas, Nevada

Usually the first signs of trouble in the drain are recurring clogs and blockages. Then a lot of people with drain problems also experience unpleasant smell coming from the drain. Here is a list of the most common first signs of trouble in the drain:

Broken Drain Pipe Repair in Las Vegas by the Drain Bears

Whether it be a partial or full pipe replacement, we can repair your pipe with the patented relining epoxy solution. The epoxy solution is simply pulled through the existing pipe and air blown in to inflate the solution to fill the area of the existing pipe. It is then allowed to harden, becoming as durable and functional as a a brand new pipe.

Got a leaking pipe in Las Vegas? Schedule your appointment today!


Daily Drain Clog bugging you? Call the Drain Bears in Las Vegas!

Top 3 Mistakes to avoid when you have a drain clog are:

Las Vegas Drain Cleaning Know-How - What's blocking my drain and how to clean it?

Everybody would agree that having a clogged drain is no fun. We all have been there, but the good news is that when it happens, knowing a few key things may actually help you to solve the problem on your own, before calling your plumber. Knowing what could be causing your blockage in your drains is the first step. So, let’s explore what could be blocking your drain and what can be done to unblock it.

How much does it cost to clean my drain in Las Vegas?

The price to clean a drain in Las Vegas vary, depending on the cleaning service performed. A simple “Drain Clearing”, which is removing the immediate blockage in order to restore the flow could range from $90 to $350, depending on the drain service provider.

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When you hire Drain Bears you are guaranteed of a first-class level of service that will leave you delighted.


Your home or office will be left as clean and tidy as when we arrive, as our team take care to wear shoe covers and place mats on all work areas and will clean up before they leave.


Our team of plumbers are professional, experienced drain, sewer and plumbing experts you can rely on to perform quality repairs, installations and services for all your drain, sewer and plumbing needs.


We are fully licensed and insured for all your sewer, drain and plumbing service needs across Las Vegas.


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